Chance Kanfoush


Chance became fascinated with movement arts at a very young age. Initially involved in competitive athletics and martial arts, this would begin to prepare him for the path of healing. Through the wear and tear that comes with being multi sport athlete it was only natural to seek out ways to further refine his health, recovery and athletic performance. This led to a course of study in many diverse healing and training modalities over the years, most notably: The Egoscue Method of Health through Motion, Thai Massage as taught by Pichest Boonthumme and Systema, a Russian Martial Art. Working to understand and share his experience, Chance has devoted more than fifteen years of his life to the practice of healing the human body and spirit.


Ashaman Gray


Ashaman brings a joy for working with people and the refinement from his background in classical music to his work as a health and movement professional.  His “health first” orientation toward fitness prioritizes the ability to move freely and express strength in full ranges of motion without pain.  As a personal trainer he develops unique protocols for individuals as well as groups in both private and corporate settings.   As a bodyworker and teacher he has spent a good portion of the last 20 years touching, moving and instructing people on the land and in the water.  Raised in Auroville, South India, Ashaman has been exposed since early childhood to diverse teachings in eastern therapies and practices.